Our Story

Te Manawa o Tūhoe is an Ahu Whenua Trust established in 1973 through the amalgamation of 63 land blocks in the Tūhoe Districts of Rūatoki and Waiōhau.  This Trust was, until 30 June 2011, administered by the Tūhoe Waikaremoana Māori Trust Board (TWMTB).

From 30th March 2019 Annual General Meeting, the elected responsible Trustees as of 29 July 2019 are:

Ngatai Rangihau (Chairman)      Tane Turei    Titia Graham    Janet McLean      Maaka Te Moana

The Trust’s core business is leasing land owned by Te Manawa o Tūhoe for forestry and dairy.  Key assets are the Hatupere Dairy Farm and the Ahimanawa, Waiōhau and Tūhoe forests.  Te Manawa o Tûhoe has around 5,600 beneficial owners with varying interests.  The Trust controls and administers 8,606 hectares of Māori land under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993.