Election of Trustees

The Rotation of Trusteeship

As a beneficial owner it's important you know and understand about the Trusts' rotation of Trusteeship.
1. There will be no more than 5 Trustees. 

2. There will be a rotating trusteeship and the elections will take place at an AGM.  

3. The rotation commenced at the 2015 AGM.  The first and second Trustees resigned  and new trustees were elected to take their place.

4. The following year, 2016 AGM,  the third Trustee resigned and a new Trustee was elected.  Then at the 2018 AGM, the fourth Trustee resigned and  stood to be re-elected.  In 2019 the fifth Trustee will resign and may stand to be re-elected. 

5. And so at the 2020 AGM the rotation will return to the beginning, meaning, the first and second Trustees will resign and may stand to be re-elected or not and new Trustees could be elected to take their place.  Then, at the 2021 AGM, the third and fourth Trustees will resign and so on and so on.  

If you  have any further questions relating to the rotation of Trusteeship do not hesitate to contact the office.  The staff will be happy to help you.